Our projects draw on a sensitivity to our everyday surroundings such as materials, quality of light, and attention to details which feed back into our designs that compliment and work in harmony with their surroundings.

Our design methodology involves learning about the local environment, culture and traditions and utilising this knowledge to achieve timeless designs.

Through this approach We aim to create innovative architecture that enhances the wellbeing of users by creating an environment and space that will continue to be enjoyed over time.

MMAR offers a wide range of design solutions, from large-scale architecture to small-scale furniture and other products.
We apply a sensibility of traditional and contemporary Japanese aesthetics and construction methods, together with design skills, knowledge and experience gained in the UK, to provide unique research and design capabilities for each individual project.


Masashi Miyamoto

Born in Tokyo. Masashi Miyamoto was educated in Scotland from the age of sixteen.
His interest in architecture was sparked after visiting Glasgow School of Art designed by architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

He graduated with a BArch(Hons) in architecture from London Southbank University.
Masashi received his training in architecture at the University of London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. This training and research has continued to influence his architectural practice.

After graduating he worked for British architect Michael Hopkins (Hopkins architects), working on internationally recognised projects in various positions focusing on design roles.
He returned to Tokyo to lead the competition winning Midtown Hibiya Project as a senior design architect. He has continued to live in Tokyo where he established his own architectural practice in 2015.


Selected work

@ Masashi Miyamoto Architects/mmar

Masashi Miyamoto @ Hopkins Architects